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Ch Eudype de la Cornaline of Valinor

After much negotiation and deliberation we have managed to aquire a new tom.  He was bred near Rennes in France by Valerie Bourel of La Cournaline cattery. 


He is a total outcross to all of the Valinor, and South African, bloodlines.


He has already competed in his first show at the age of 5 months in Paris, where he achieved a nomination for Best in Show!


He is a Blue Silver and he carries the genes for both lilac and chocolate.


He will be arriving in South Africa on the 24th of November.


Eudype recently attended his first show in South Africa, where not only did he cause quite a stir, but he managed a clean sweep of 4 certificates in a row.  This made him into a Champion at his first show and brought him 1 certificate closer to becoming a Grand Champion.



Above:  Eudype at 6 months

Left:  Eudype at 4 months