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Ch Justine Silver ze Svobody

Above:  Justine at 4 months

As part of a kitten swap agreement between Katka of Svobody cattery in  Svoboda, Czech Republic, we have managed to aquire a new queen for the cattery...Justine.


Justine is an absolutely gorgeous little girl with the most bold and loving personality you could wish for.  She has already clocked up some serious voyager miles, as she first traveled, by train for 4 hours, from Svoboda to Prague and then, for 1.5 hours, from Prague to Zurich.  Followed by another 2 hours on a train and in a car to Vorarlberg in Austria.  All this and we hadn’t even started home yet. 


8 days after that she was on the plane, with Eudype, from Zurich to Johannesburg.  A flight of 10 hours, however we were forced to deliver them to the airport 5 hours early.  Therefore, they traveled for more than 16 hours straight.


Either way, they both arrived happy and healthy and she is now happily chasing flies all over the house and letting Stephanie carry her everywhere.


She has the most fabulous forbears.  All with the most fantastic coat  length and colour.  He father and grandfather are very large cats so we have high hopes that she will follow in their footsteps. 


In April 2010 she debuted in Adult showing classes an achieved a clean sweep becoming a champion at her first ever adult show.


Above:  Justine’s father, Gizmo


Below:  Justine’s Grandfather and Uncle