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Abymoon Catawba Lightning

Catawba was graciously loaned to us by Janet Cook for the period of almost a year.  He is a Blue Silver Aby variant.  He is very loving and lovable and a real Casanova with the ladies, albeit that the ladies always treat him the way he treats them.


He covered all of our queens including Sp Ch Valinor Palantiri (Sandy), Gr Ch Corros Crystal and Gr Ch Valinor Mellyrn Ivy. 


We were lucky enough to get 2 litters from both Palantiri and Crystal, however the best came from Ivy.


He has since returned to Janet where he is having one more role in the hay and then he will be retired from stud.

Our Cats

Kittens from Palantiri’s and Ivy’s litters

Kitten from Crystal’s litters