Valinor Cattery

Somali Cats

Gr Ch Dushara Breidablik of Valinor

We were very lucky to be allowed, by Teresa Guldagar of Dushara, to have him and he gave us years of joy.  He also produced the most beautifully clear kittens, which is one of the reasons why we got him.


His personality was unparalleled and I often found him playing and taking care of his kittens.  When he was a kitten he used to play fetch, but he, unfortunately, grew out of that.  It didnít matter where he was he would either call or come to me when I called him.


As you can see in these pictures, he had the most incredibly coloured eyes which can be quite hypnotic at times.  And his colour was spectacular, albeit a bit pale.  His only real problem was that his ears were to closely set, but he was still an absolutely spectacular cat and I feel honoured to have been his human.


Unfortunately, Benjamin crossed the rainbow bridge in January of 2007.  There was an empty space in the household when he died, which I donít think will ever be filled.  I will miss him always, but luckily we managed to keep one of his daughters in Ch Valinor Mellyrn Ivy, who looks a lot like her dad and has the same wonderful personality (along with the Mushroom Soup addiction and grand daughter in Sp Ch Valinor Palantiri.