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Valinor Frodo Baggins

Frodo had an interesting life from day one.  He was the result of Galadriel sneaking one in on us.  He was born while my husband and I were fighting a fire on our farm.  When we got back we found Galadriel with one kitten, with it itís innards hanging out (I think due to Galadriel biting the umbilicus too close).  Either way, this kitten was fighting for life so we took it to the vet, but it didnít survive.  To our surprise Galadriel then, promptly gave birth to another kitten, which was Frodo.  We decided to give him this name after there was such drama during his birth.   He decided to take full advantage of the fact that there was enough milk for 2 and promptly became the fattest kitten I have ever seen!  Luckily the weight came off him as soon as he became mobile.


Thereafter he became a wonderful beautiful cat that we extremely affectionate.  He only won Ruby certificates when he was shown as a kitten which earned him an invitation to the CFSA cat of the year in 2005, however I never took (I canít remember why).  He played with our dogs as well as Benjamin (until he became mature).


We got 1 and a half litters from him before he one day disappeared from our house, never to return.  I am sure that I have seen him on the farm once or twice, but he has never returned home.  We will miss him always.

Frodo as an adult

Our Cats

Benjamin and Frodo sleeping together

Above - Frodo as a kitten

Below - Frodo playing with one of our dogs