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Gr Ch Askecat Galadriel duCati

Galadriel was our first Somali and the cause of our Somali addiction.  She was always the cat waiting for me at the door when I got home.  Always the first to say hello to strangers and to play, even in her autumn years.


I will forever remember the first day that we got her, and her companion Xena.  I had kept the fact that I was getting the cats from my husband, Jorncy, since I new that he would not allow me to get them if he knew.  So, on the appointed Saturday I went to collect both Galadriel and Xena (while my husband was out) and brought them home.  Jorncy was, at the time, allergic to cats, but I had been told that if I wipe them down with distilled water it would be fine.  Either way, when he got home he was most upset and said that I would have to take them back. 


That night, when we climbed into bed, both cats joined us, Galadriel above my head and Xena in the crook of Jorncy’s back and began to purr.  The rest is history…


She produced beautiful kittens and is without doubt the foundation queen of my cattery.  We have exported 2 of her kittens and are now breeding with her grand daughters.  Amazingly enough she was the result of a brother/sister mating, but was a very good result.  However, that fact did cause me some problems when it came to selecting a stud.


She crossed the rainbow bridge on the 30th of June 2008, and we will always miss her.