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Ch Valinor Mellyrn Ivy (Ivy the Terrible)

Ivy is one of the cutest cats that I have ever bred.  She has the most fabulous, naughty personality (hence the name “Ivy the Terrible”).  She is the last offspring from Benjamin (Gr Ch Dushara Breidablik of Valinor) and was the result of Crystal managing to sneak one in on us.


So far she has managed to become a Champion, however her coat isn’t as thick as some judges prefer so she hasn’t been able to improve on that.  However, from a build and clarity point of view she is fantastic!


She is extremely affectionate.  On the day that I brought my daughter, Stephanie, home from the hospital she decided that she was her human and is always playing with her.  She is the first to come when called, but don’t expect to have her on your lap or in your arms, she has way too many things to do to sit around with you.  However, she would never think of leaving you along in a room or a toy un-played with.


All in all, the best oops ever!!!

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