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Sp Ch Valinor Palantiri (Sandy)

Sandy has been our greatest success so far.  When she was born we knew that she was something special so we specified to all prospective humans that she must be shown.  Unfortunately, nobody wanted to show her so we kept her. 


We began he show career in March of 2008 to great success and she managed to achieve Supreme championship at the World of Dogs and Cats show in June 2008.  She doesn’t have the greatest showing personality in that she doesn’t like strangers, but her beauty still manages to shine through and she is definitely improving at every show.


Her coat and tail is her crowning glory, however she does carry a little bit of tarnishing in places...the joys of breeding silvers!


She is the only Somali lap cat that I have ever encountered, however she still has her list of things to do every day.  Like all Valinor cats, she has the hairdresser gene as well as the indecisive gene (she can never make up her mind whether she wants to be on top or under the blankets!)


We are planning to breed with her in the latter part of 2008.