We tend to have 2 to 4 litters of kittens per year, depending on how many queens get pregnant and our waiting list.  On average the litters are between 1 and 6 kittens in size.

To view our current litters and planned matings please Click Here.

All kittens are sold with a health guarantee and will have been sterilised, microchipped, fully vaccinated (both first and second set), registered with the SA Cat Registry and dewormed.  Due to us doing this the kittens are only ready to go to their new families a the age of about 14 weeks.  Please don’t worry that the kitten won’t bond with you or you’ll miss the playful years.  Somalis never stop playing and loving you. What you miss in the first 2 months in cuteness is more than made up for with the fact that you don’t have to train him/her to use the litter box and there will be no scared kitten hiding under the bed (your Somali will probably walk out of the box and immediately take over).

I encourage all prospective owners to visit us when the kittens are about 6 weeks old to choose the kitten or, in actual fact, let the kitten choose you.  Everyone has an expectation of what kind of kitten they want, however I try to encourage my prospective owners to not be too rigid in this regard, as often the kitten you want is not the kitten that wants you and there is not bigger privilege in life that to be a Somali’s human.

I do have a waiting list and I do ask for a deposit once the kittens have been born.  All prospective owners are expected to agree to the contract, as I do.  

As a human owned by a Somali, you will be added to our community Facebook page Somali Cat Owners of South Africa.  Somali and Aby owners are a friendly bunch and we LOVE to hear about your family member and what crazy things they have been up to.  The more photos and videos the better.  We’ll also help whenever you have any questions or queries about your loveable fullball.

If you wish to show your gorgeous beast, we’re more than happy to assist you in that regard.  Again, the Somali and Aby community is really friendly and supportive and we always cheer any Somali or Aby that does well.  

Please Note:  Your Somali kitten is going to be a member of your family with the same importance as any human member of the family.  If you move house you would ensure that your new house would accomodate your child/children, so the same should a apply to your cat.  If this is not what your believe and that a pet is disposable, please do not contact us for a kitten.  In dire circumstances, we will assist your to rehome your cat, but emmigrating or moving to a flat is not a dire circumstance.

We do not support the principle that cats should be allowed to roam.  All this does is shorten your cat’s life and open yourselves up to GIANT vet bills.  Somalis do like to be outdoors, but at the same time they are quite capable of adapting to an indoor lifestyle.  You can train your Somali to walk on a lead and take him/her for walk.  Otherwise, enclose your patio and create a catio, your cats will love you for it and you will avoid all those pesky vet bills, complaints from neighbours and trauma of losing your family member.  Please check our links page for companies that assist with the building of catios and the cat proofing of gardens.