Kittens Available

We have 3 litters of kittens available at the moment:

Jessamine Bolger (Hamilton X Nymeria) and Nimloth have 4 kittens available 3 x males (2 x black silver and 1 x blue silver) and 1 x female (blue)

Polgara the Sorceress and Nimloth have 5 ruddy kittens (3 x females and 2 x males) available

Magrat Garlik and Nimloth have 4 black silver kittens available (2 x females and 2 x males)

We will be posting photos soon


We have moved!!

As of the 1st of March 2023, Valinor Somalis has moved to the Netherlands.  The cats are joining us, of course, so The Netherlands will be seeing us on their show circuit soon.

We will continue to support the breeders in South Africa (Maverick Somalis and DreamGiver Cattery) and will be liaising with them regularly.

What a successful year!!

So, the show season is over and we can now tally up our successes and there have been a few. We had 2 qualifiers for SACC Cat of the Year, including the Db Sp Ch Abymoon Ronald Weasley NQ and Ch Valinor Earwen. Both have had a fantastic year, achieving multiple Best Foreign placings , on occassion, Best Entire/Kitten and, one one particularly good day, Cat of the Day and Runner-up Cat of the Day! Thank you to everyone for their support and let’s hold thumbs that we have an equally good year next year.

Our Cats

Since we have been breeding and showing cats for quite a while, or collection of cats is not exactly small.  Every single cat has been a member of our family and we have adored every one.  The ones that have crossed the rainbow bridge will always be remembered fondly and the ones that are with us currently fill our hearts with joy every day.

Obviously, we have to introduce you to the parents of our kittens, so we have a section for our current boys and our girls.  However, the ancestors of our current cats are just as important and always deserve recognition, as we wouldn’t be where we are without them.

In addition, we have some cats who have already made their contribution and are now enjoying their retirement, as well as cats that didn’t find their family or we felt we couldn’t sell for X,Y or Z reason, these cats are in the Retirees and Neuters section.