Retirees and Neuters

One always has to give back what you receive.  In that vein, when our queens and studs have done their bit, we sterilise them and either rehome them (rarely) or they get to spend the rest of their lives with us as just plain pets, enjoying life to the full.  Sometimes, due to unexpected circumstances we have to keep some kittens that were meant for pet homes, too.  All of these characters fall into the category “Retirees and Neuters”. 

Depending on the home offered, we may make some of these cat available for adoption, but this is only in very special cases.

They are:

Sp Pr Abymoon Glorfindel

Abymoon Tache’s Jade Princess of Valinor

Gr Pr Abymoon Salvia Bolger

Pr Abymoon Bell Gamgee

Sp Pr Valinor Elwing